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The last time I visited my Dad was about three weeks ago. I'm a really strong person, I don't cry about anything the whole year but... everytime I'm there he gets me crying all the time. He's complaining about my weight (even pays me money for losing it) even though I'm really healthy and sporty, he just don't want to be seen with me. And he's complaining about my school, though I'm pretty good with straight A- C s in every subject (except maths). I don't think he has the right to judge me in any way. He never did anything (and will never do) to prevent me from getting bad grades (if i did) or gaining weight ( If I did :D).And then, he makes fun of my religion. I'm a christ (he's too!) and I'm really religous (=> because I'm country, i grew up in Nashville) and he's not. He's blasphemic, frankly, but he knows he'll never take away my faith. And then there's his wife! She's always complaining about my clothes (and the ones of my brother) but I'm just wearing normal things (you know, like t-shirts and jeans). But worst bout it all is, that I can't talk to my Dad about it. I know, I'd instantly start to cry. And he's paying my riding lessons, I can't live without them...But I don't wanna start with all that poor me, 'cause everybody's got a story that'll break your heart.

3.12.15 19:16


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